Corporate governance

As a security provider, understanding an adhering to rules and regulations is of the utmost importance to Hiddn. Good corporate governance benefits the Company’s reputation, and vice versa. The Company adheres to the following set of principles with regards to corporate governance;

  • Transparency 
    The communication between the Company and its stakeholders shall be based on transparency about matters that are relevant to evaluate the operations of the Company
  • Independence
    The Board of Directors shall act independently of the Company’s executive management, to secure that decisions are made on fair and neutral grounds.
  • Equality 
    All shareholders shall be treated equally.
  • Control and governance
    Good internal control and governance principles shall contribute to predictability and risk mitigation for owners and other stakeholders.

Here you will find notice/summons, minutes and other relevant documents related to our general meetings. Documents marked with (N) are availiable in Norwegian only .

At all times, the Company seeks to comply with the most recent applicable legal framework for companies listed on the Norwegian stock exchange.

Adopted at the annual general meeting of 31 March 2005, last amended by the board of directors pursuant to an authorisation on 16 November 2017.