Our business

Because of the bankruptcy in Hiddn Security AS, the current ongoing business of the Group is reduced to the business of its remaining operating subsidiary, Finn Clausen Sikkerhetssystemer AS (“FCS”), a small business within the market for secure physical filing and storage systems in Norway. As a consequence, the Company is dependent on adding new business to the Group in order to recreate value in the Group for its shareholders.

The strategy and focus of the Group going forward is to search for opportunities resulting in a business combination in which the Group can capitalize on its broad shareholder base and listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Private Placement has provided the Company with working capital to pursue such strategy, as well as to maintain and conclude on the future strategy of its limited remaining business activities carried out by FCS.


In 1998, a team of computer industry veterans saw a growing need to protect valuable data at rest on storage media like hard disk drives. This technology has been transferred to Hiddn Technology AS, and is no longer a part of Hiddn Solutions ASA, please visit hiddn.no for more information about Hiddn Technology AS.